cryolipolysis ultrasound cavitation radio frequency slimming machine

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cryolipolysis ultrasound cavitation radio frequency slimming machine - Cool shape is combination body slimming system with cryolipolysis,cavitation and Multi RF.
You can cobine cryolipolysis,cavitation and RF treatments so that It can enhance body slimming and cellulite rmoval.And also,with multi Polar RF face handle,you can do Facial treatment for lifting and wrinkle care.

Body slimming,Reshape body line
Cellulite removal
Localized fat removal
Lymph drainaged
Skin tightening
Pain relief for relaxation
Improve blood circulation
Combine cryolipolysis,cavitation treatment with RF to enhance sliming effect

Cryolipolysis system
The cryoliplysis system is a proven procedure to reduce fat in target areas using the intergrated Technology TM by Cryo,vacuum and LED.the system madkes to improve accuracy fat and cellulite treatment and provides 2 pcs working synchronously specialized applicators to complete effective procedures.

Apply coolshape applicator at the target area and start cryo-cooling treatment to reach a target temperature which is the fat cells apoptosis.

The fat cells in the target area start cryo-reaction

Following the treatment,fat ells reach an biological death and remove by metabolism process.

The fat cells is eliminated.

Cavitation Systemme

Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities(bubbles) which grow up until implosion.
Througth the continuing implosion,the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids,which stimulates the activity between the adipocytes and the intercellular liquids,disintegrates the fat cell membrance.

Easy to grip handle
Safety and steady ultrasound output with high power
Easy to operate with full touch LCD screen

Multi-polar is a revolutionary technology,developed to send multi-RF energy into dermis layer for collagen remodeling and also to the fat fordissolving.The polarity and frequency of each pole is under good control for safer and greater results.

Easy to operate
Automatic sensing RF output(contact-Non contact)-safety RF treatment
No side effect&safety treatment
Stable RF energy generated »