Tips to avoid frauds in classified ads helps to maintain a trustworthy and safe community of classified ads which allows to reach out the wanted benefits of its users. The announced tips have the aim to contributing minimize the risk of fraud and cheating.

We will try to give you some tips of security related to frauds in the post of classified ads.


The first recommendation that the staff of gives is informing that all the featured ads have a minimum level of possibilities of being fraudulent since all of them without exception have some support/ back of a link towards a web site, blog or social web which relates them directly, and for this reason is that they have a much clearer identification when contacting them.

Possible Sellers Frauds

In the specific case of the purchasing of a product, we consider that the safest way will be to address directly to the seller. This would force that the contact be local and all the operations would be done directly face to face. You will be able to see the product, examine it and in some cases, try it.

EIn the case of not being so, you should ask all the necessary questions related to the product that is being offered. Compare prices of the same product in other places.

Always remember: if the price seems unreal, it is probably a fraud.

Once you move forward in the negotiation, ask for a physical address, full name and fixed-line number. Call and check that all the information is true. There are many webs in internet where you can check the ownership of a telephone number. In this way there will be fewer possibilities that an ad or seller is fraudulent.

  1. Ask if it is in an auction site and analyze its reputation.

  2. Never pay before the delivery of the product if you do not know the seller. Use the "cash on delivery" system.

  3. Use online payment systems (PayPal, 2CO, Google Checkout, Paymate, etc.), which offer many forms of protection.

  4. Never send money through bank transfer. That is the reason why there are safer systems, like in point 3. does not recommend payment by transfer between unknown people.

  5. Never give away or send data about your credit card or documents through e-mail. Nobody that works seriously asks this kind of information.

  6. Use the payment systems which offer you better and more warranties.

  7. The ads with grammar mistakes or mayor spelling mistakes are suspicious.

Possible Buyers Frauds

  1. They assure they will pay half price before the arrival of the product and half later.

  2. Almost never offer a telephone number where to check their identity.

  3. Pay by bad checks. That is why it is not advisable to get checks at the moment of selling the product.

  4. When the buyer offers a higher money offer, suspect.

Owing to the fact that is an Online Community made up of classified users of classified ads, you can find highlighted with an icon all the ads that have been reported for possible frauds or abuse by you yourself according to suspicion or own experiences.

If you doubt about a classified ad and suspect a possible fraudulent act from part of the seller or buyer, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] explaining the case.